Tuesday, 9 September 2014

Important Announcement Concerning Services!

I will be taking on a part-time job in the coming October, which unfortunately means I won’t be able to commit myself to this service full-time anymore.

As a result, from the 25th September, I will no longer be accepting auction orders or online orders. I will be doing in-store only. I am unsure yet if it will be restricted to lolita only or if I will continue to do everything. It depends on how busy things get, but for now it will be general.

Regarding online orders, I will not be handling them myself after September, but I am going to be training a friend (and helping where necessary) to take on that side of the business. So, online orders will be available again soon after. I shall make another announcement when they can be accepted again.

Please be aware that although it will be under the Tokyo Pirates name she will be running things in her own style. This means she will be starting off with the current framework, but will be able to decide her own fees later and her own restrictions. I will not have a say in how she runs that side of things, and it will depend on her own other commitments. It will also be a probation period as she sees whether she can integrate the shopping service into her schedule.

She is from Thailand, but speaks fluent English. I can vouch for her in saying she’s a lovely and honest person which is why I’m entrusting this part of my precious service baby to her. :)

I apologize for any convenience this might cause some of my absolutely wonderful, regular customers. I don’t know if this will be a permanent state of things, but for now I hope I can still continue to do business with many of you! (^_^)

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