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Welcome to the Tokyo Pirates personal shopping service. If there are items you want from the Tokyo area that are unavailable online, you can purchase them through the shopping service!

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Don't forget to leave feedback if you are happy with the service.

✥How to Contact Us✥

The shopping service is run by a two-man team dedicated to taking your orders.
Simply send your request to

Feel free just to make an inquiry. Of course, the more information you include, the more we can help, particularly if you have a link to the item information. If possible, we will reply with a quote (this will be an estimate based on your query and subject to change). Filling in a form is not necessary, but can make the transaction smoother and faster, so if you have time, please copy and paste the form below with your information:


(Your) Name:
Paypal Email Address:
Preferred Shipping Method:
Feedback Page (if applicable):
Item(s) Info:
Please include any and as much relevant information as possible – e.g. item’s name, shop name/location, website links, size/amount/colour, etc.

IMPORTANT: After I send you the quote we will then need confirmation from you that you wish to go through with the transaction! If we do not receive confirmation, then we cannot buy for you and will assume it is only an inquiry. 

We will always aim to reply within 24-48 hours, but communication is very important from you as well in order for me to get what you want. If it is urgent and you don't have time for a back-and-forth, please mark your Subject title 'Urgent' and we will simply go ahead and send you an invoice (providing you have told us your Paypal email address). In this case, please give us as much detail as possible so that we know exactly what you want. This helps to prevent mistakes. We want to do the best for you that I can, so your communication is very important. Fees are non-refundable after a purchase has been made, and travel fees are non-refundable regardless of whether I could obtain the item or not.

If you have any other information you'd like to add in your inquiry, please feel free.
However, please carefully read the terms and conditions below for full details on fees and refunds before making requests. If you send a shopping service request, it means you agree to the terms and conditions. 

♥ We often update on clothes we find in Tokyo and in Closet Child that aren't shown online, so please "like" my official facebook page for announcements and events.
You can also follow us here - blog, tumblr and twitter for updates on new items in and around Tokyo.


✥✥General rules✥✥

Before purchasing, we will need full, up-front payment. However, if you have good feedback or if you are a regular, trusted customer, we may consider payment after purchase. This is up to our discretion.  :
As much as possible, we will give you an estimate beforehand of costs. Please bear in mind that these estimates are subject to change.


When buying from a physical shop

The travel fee is a flat 500 yen for Shinjuku, Shibuya, Ikebukuro and Harajuku. Any other areas will have to be calculated according to travel prices, but are usually not much more expensive if in the central Tokyo area.

Commission fees are as follows:

2000 yen for orders under 8000 yen
3000 yen for orders over 8000 yen
4000 yen for orders over 35000 yen
5000 yen for orders over 80,000 yen

For orders above 100,000 yen, please email us for a quote

4000 yen for in-store reserves, lucky packs and lottery releases. (Please see the online fee section for online reserve rates)

Commission fees are a flat fee regardless of the number of items you wish to buy (as long as we can carry everything). So, for example, if you wish to buy 20 necklaces from the same shop and the overall cost is below 8000 yen, then the commission fee still remains 2000 yen. Likewise, if you order 3 dresses and the total is under 35000 yen, then the commission fee would remain 3000 yen.

Please bear in mind that this would be for items from one shop and on one shopping trip. If you wish for items from two shops that are next to one another or very close then, of course, I can consider it as one. This is up to my discretion. If the stores are in two different areas then a fee of 500 yen per extra store may be added to your total. If it requires an extra train ride to another district, then a fee of 1000 yen will be added. Naturally, if you decide at a later date that you wish for another item, this will be treated as a new and separate shopping assignment.

An example quote would look something like this:

15,000 yen (item cost) + 3000 yen (commission fee) + 500 yen (travel fee) + 792 yen (Paypal fee) = 19292 yen Total

Shipping and packaging costs would be calculated after, depending on which method you would prefer to use and the weight of the item. We can give you a general estimate of shipping costs in advance, but unfortunately, it can only be an estimate and is subject to change.

The second quote would look something like this -

2000 yen (EMS Shipping & Packaging) +  123 yen (Paypal Fees) = 2123 yen Total

Whenever possible we will call in advance to check the item's availability so as not to waste your money on the non-refundable travel fees. However, when buying from a shop, there is no guarantee that they will still stock all of the desired items when we go to buy them. It is therefore important to state in your SS request if you want me to buy only one of the items (e.g. socks without the dress), even if another one is not there. If nothing is stated, we will assume all items as being independent SS requests and will buy all the items we find. This will be nonrefundable.

If you have an urgent request, we strongly recommend putting "Urgent" in your email subject title. This means it will be my first priority when I am checking and replying to emails. Urgent requests would be popular Closet Child items that have recently appeared, or things such as special releases/reservations. If you think it will sell out soon, then please mark your email as urgent. We cannot guarantee being able to get it on short notice, but it will certainly increase your chances.

For popular items, new releases and sales events, we will go there half an hour before the store opens in order to wait in line. For every extra hour that you want me to be there waiting, we will charge 1500 yen. If you wish us to camp overnight, the commission fee is 10,000 yen. During colder months (from November - early March) it is 20,000 yen.

When buying from an online shop or auction site

Online fees are a flat fee of:

500 yen for orders under 5,000 yen
1,000 yen for orders over 5,000 yen
2,000 yen for orders over 25,000 yen
2,500 yen for orders over 40,000 yen
3,000 yen for orders over 80,000 yen

Similarly to the in-store commission this is a flat fee regardless of the number of items you order.

Online Reserves

Regular online fees apply for a regular online reserve (does not require in-store pick-up and can be reserved at any time). If you are needing the purchase to be made at an appointed time, there will be an extra cost of 500 yen added to the regular online fee.

Here is a sample online quote:

18,000 yen (item cost) + 1,000 yen (commission fee) + 813 (Paypal fees) + 815 yen (example of domestic shipping) + 2000 yen (EMS Shipping & Packaging to you)

We will do our best to give you an estimate before initiating the purchase. However, sometimes there are unknowns, so please bear in mind the quote will be an approximation and is subject to slight changes. Domestic and international shipping are usually invoiced after purchase.

Please understand that if you ask us to get a secondhand item and its condition is worse than described, we cannot be held liable since it is out of my control. If there is a clear case of the item not being as described we will inform you before shipping it to you, and if you are dissatisfied, we can attempt to take up a dispute with the original seller. However, as in all transactions, there is an element of risk, and we cannot be held liable for the original seller’s integrity nor guarantee a refund from them.

✥✥Refunds and Cancellations✥✥

We do not accept refunds or cancellations for items that you have requested and that we have successfully bought unless there has been a mistake on our part (e.g. bought a different colour from the one requested). Therefore, if you buy an item through our shopping service, please be sure that you want it.
Feel free to email us with any questions if you have any queries.

✥’Normal’ Shop Refund Policy✥

If we fail to buy your item, we will of course refund you the entire amount including commission fees. However, transport fees are nonrefundable. We will do everything we can to obtain your item.

Please also be aware that we cannot return your item to the shop once purchased. This is simply the refund policy in Japan. They do not have to refund items once bought. They may consider it if there is a fault. We also cannot be liable if there is a fault with the actual item. We do quickly check items, but may miss something before sending, we will try to help you obtain a refund, but we are NOT representatives for their company, so we cannot be held responsible for their items. This is a risk with using a shopping service.


Shipping days are every Monday (or Tuesday if it's a national holiday/there are delays). 200 yen will automatically be added onto your total for shipping in order to cover packaging and handling costs. We offer three methods of shipping which are generally invoiced after we have purchased and weighed the item.

✥EMS (Express Mail Service) – This is the fastest and most expensive method (unless over 2kg in which case it is the cheapest), and definitely the most reliable and recommended. Packages are automatically insured up to 20,000 yen. If you desire higher insurance then 100 yen is added to the shipping costs. Please also be aware that the insurance is UP TO 20,000 yen, so if your item’s value is lower, it will only be insured for its value. Packages over 2kg or over a certain size are best sent via EMS. You can choose another option if you wish, but it is usually more expensive.

✥Registered Mail – This method usually takes between 1-2 weeks and comes with insurance of up to 6,000 yen. It is cheaper than EMS for items under 2kg. The packages are trackable only in certain countries. To see the list of trackable countries visit this site:

✥Registered SAL (Economy Airmail) – This is the slowest but cheapest method and can take 2+ weeks. Again the insurance is only up to 6,000 yen so it is not recommended for more expensive items. Packages over 2kg or over a certain size cannot be shipped via registered SAL.

If you choose to go with lower insurance, but your item is higher in value then we cannot be held liable and you will only be reimbursed by the post office for the amount you are insured for.


We take payment via Paypal or bank transfer.  If you wish to pay by bank transfer, please bear in mind that we cannot buy the item for you until the bank transfer has cleared and the money has entered the account. This can take anywhere from 3 - 15 business days.

✥✥Wishlists✥ ✥

Since most of my customers are lolitas and request a look-out service for rare or desired items from Closet Child, we have created a database of wishlists. You can read more about that here -

and create your wishlist at this website -

The more information you include, the more likely it is that we can purchase the correct item if we see it. Important things to include in your wishlist entries are listed below:

1) Item name + picture or link to a picture
2) Max. price you're willing to pay for said item
3) colour, style, etc. (if applicable)
4) Condition you're willing to accept (e.g. only new, good condition, stains ok, etc.)

This is a long-term look-out service and we will keep an eye out for your items until you take them off your list or cancel your wishlist entirely. However, please bear in mind that we are only two people and there is not a guarantee we will find your items. It merely improves your chances.

You can also follow our regular updates of Closet Child's Secret Closet (the items they don't put online) to see more of what they have in stock. They have such a lot in stock that it would be impossible to update with everything, but this allows at least a small peek of other goodies they're hiding in their closet.

Lastly, although wishlists will be made once requested, orders take priority, so during busy periods there will be a waiting list for the actual creation of wishlists.


✥✥Additional Information✥✥

Sorry, but we will not buy any adult or graphic items.

All final decisions on purchases are ultimately up to us. We reserve the right to amend these Terms and Conditions at any time.

✥✥Well done for reading this far! Have a virtual cookie of awesomeness✥✥



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