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Here you can find or leave feedback and testimonials for the shopping service. Thank you in advance to those lovely customers who are kind enough to leave feedback!

Here are also some reviews written by satisfied customers:

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  1. Tokyo Pirates is the best shopping service! I asked her to reserve Musee du Chocolat for me, and not only did she manage to reserve it, she kept me updated through the whole process. During the reservation, she emailed me and said she had high chances of reserving it, and within 5 minutes of obtaining it, she sent me another email letting me know she managed to snag it!

    She shipped the next business day using EMS and packaged everything neatly. She even included a omake matching barrette!

    Tokyopirates is helpful, communicative and sweet. I would definitely use her again as my shopping service, she's the best!

  2. Great shopping service! Purchased an IW handbag for me, communication was lightning fast. Would certainly use again :).

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    1. - Sorry, editing! -

      An excellent SS, easily one of the most professional ones I've ever used! Communication was always quick, friendly, and thorough and I always felt that she was doing everything in her power to find the items I was looking for.

      She notified me right away when she was in line for a new release and what her number was, and was optimistic that she would be able to get what I wanted and would confirm. She did indeed confirm and let me know that she couldn't get one of the items, so that I knew to look out on the international site for it. I had also asked about two other items at different stores, both of which she looked into by either calling or visiting the store, or both! Unfortunately the stores were not able to get the items I wanted, but she offered many different options if I wanted to wait.

      She shipped the next business day that I requested it and it was carefully packed and included a free barrette!

      The fees are very reasonable, especially considering the level of service I received.

      Overall a wonderful service, absolutely no problems at all and I would definitely recommend her to others!

  4. Tokyo Pirates is a fantastic shopping service! They were highly communicative, professional, and punctual with replies throughout our communication. They successfully acquired my Usakumya Pochette, letting me know that they had done so very quickly, and it was packaged soundly, with a little card thanking me for using the service - along with some really cute envelopes and notepaper uvu - and sent off via EMS the next business day, arriving when estimated.

    There were absolutely no problems and I am very glad to have made a purchase through her. Would absolutely recommend!

  5. I wrote a positive review on my tumblr :)

    hers the link >

  6. I contacted Tokyo pirates about buying a blouse at closet child via her shipping service. She was quick to communicate and lovely to deal with. Everything went very smoothly and the item was shipped out quickly via EMS.

    I intend to continue using this shipping service and would recommend it to other people.

  7. Tokyo Pirates' customer service is simply stellar! Although we in the end weren't able to locate the item I was looking for, Tokyo Pirates did everything in their power to fulfill my request. Their replies are very prompt, friendly and informative, and despite my difficult request, they were patient throughout. (The item I requested isn't available on the market, which was a mistake on my part)

    I will most certainly be using their service again in the future.


  8. I used Tokyo Pirates as a shopping service for an item I wanted a Closet Child. Communication was lightning fast and I was kept informed throughout the process. The item was shipped immediately after payment. I was very impressed with the service and will definitely be a repeat customer!

  9. This is my first time using a Shopping Service and I couldn't have hoped for a better pick!
    Naturally, I had a lot of questions, to which Tokyo Pirates replied to as detailed and quickly as possible. I wanted a particular item at Yahoo! Auctions on which they kept an eye on everyday until we won it. It arrived safe and sound within three days after coming into Tokyo Pirates' possession.
    I think their terms are more than fair, the service they offer is excellent and I would definitely recommend them to any acquaintance in need of a SS. And of course, I would definitely work with them again!

  10. I used TokyoPirates to help me buy a AP cardigan. She responded quickly and always kept well in touch with me. The item was shipped and arrived within a few days in perfect condition. The commission fee is more than reasonable for the amount of work I made her do. Definitely will be using her services again. Thank youu <3

  11. TokyoPirates helped me awhile back when I was trying to get my hand on a few Swimmer bags. This was when they were selling out quickly due to the re-release. I contacted her asking if she could pass by the Swimmer store and pick me up two of them. Her fees were very fair and she was nice enough to keep in contact with me when she could, even when she was out buying my bags! Her customer service was spectacular and she was very easy to keep in contact with. When my bags arrived, they arrived quickly and were nicely wrapped with all of my contents inside (and even a cute little note)!

    Now, I would like to elaborate on her excellent service based on my own experience. When my bags arrived, I noticed one had a major production defect on it. The damage was very hard to notice and in no way do I blame her for the purchase. Don't in any way take this as a bad thing! I emailed her about the bag and she was prompt to ask me for proof so she would be able to show the shop girls. She went out of her way to travel back to the Swimmer store and argue my ordeal to them. Luckily, she was able to get her hands on a brand new, not funky bag, which was immediately shipped to me! A+ service if I've ever seen any! :)

    Thanks to her I have my beautiful Swimmer bags and I would definitely use her services again in a heartbeat. I sincerely recommend her to anyone who is looking for easy communication, fast shipping, and excellent customer service! She is definitely the best SS I have used and I look forward to conducting more business with her! :)

  12. TokyoPirates is an awesome SS! She is friendly, professional and just lovely to work with. There were problems from the shop end *NOT her fault* but she had great communication throughout it all so I never had to worry - she sorted it all out! She shipped it out at first opportunity, it was well packaged and came with a super cute card. :) I would definitely buy things through her in the future and would highly recommend her to anyone who asked. :)

  13. TokyoPirates are extremely helpful and communicative !
    They helped me out with my orders from Closet Child which helped me not suffer from expensives taxes, up to 1/3 of my order cost. Now basically I spend 10€ more but without having to suffer taxes so it's saving me a lot of money.

    The service is extremely simple and they always answer quickly and without forgetting any details. Basically I never saw any bad review and it's not surprising seeing how honest and professionnal they are.

    The fees are more than reasonnable for the work done and the super quick emails exchange. I'm really happy to have chosen TokyoPirate and plan to stick with this shopping service as it seems really reliable.

  14. Thank you Tokyo Pirates for getting my Liz Lisa lucky pack! Excellent service with great communication. Highly recommend. See my extended review here :)

  15. Tokyo Pirates is a wonderful service! The girl that runs this service is simply the best! Very polite and very professional. Also she replies in detail so I was pleased and I recommend this SS to anyone. Tokyo pirates shall be my number 1# service to use in the future ^-6

    I contacted her on the 15th December and paid her the money for the lucky pack, commission fee and shipping. I chose to use airmail and it arrived to me within a week.

    She shipped on the 11th of Jan and it arrived on the 20th. I was very panicked about shipping time at the start encase my package might get lost but she reassured me that no packages of her's have ever gotten lost, this eased me very much. She made me feel very comfortable using her service and my experience was overall wonderful.

    Thank you so much =)

  16. I want to preface by saying that this is the first time I have ever used a shopping service to order lolita in Japan.

    Jamie is INCREDIBLE. Literally, perfect. I can not recommend TokyoPirates anymore highly.
    Contacting her with less that 24 hours to spare, Jamie managed to snag me a 2014 Angelic Pretty Lucky Pack without problem!
    She answered every email and question I sent to her within hours and was beyond helpful and polite.
    Her service is stellar, her prices very fair and the speed of the entire order was lightning fast!

    Thank you so much, Jamie!
    I will use you as my SS of choice forever more!

  17. Fast and friendly service in December -- the epitome of busiest months.
    Ordered a beautiful Atelier Pierrot JSK from LiveJournal via pm through her thread on the egl community.

    Thank you : )

  18. The best shopping service! It took less than 2 weeks for me to get the item. The shipping from Japan to Germany took only 3 days. She was always really friendly and replied quickly to my messages. Depending on the time, it took a few minutes up to a day to get a reply because of the different timezones. She always told me the status of my order and she even sent me a gift with it. ^^ I will only use Jamie as my Shopping service and I would always recommend her!

    Thank you :3

  19. THE-BEST!
    i was able to purchase a jsk from the Angelic Pretty store via tokyo pirates and i am 110% satisfied! :D
    the contact is absolutely excellent friendly and fast! the service is great and jamie is eager to find every item i would like to have and puts a lot of effort into that!
    HIGHLY recommend this shopping service!
    thank you so much, jamie!

  20. This is my second purchase through TokyoPirates and I could not be more satisfied! I contacted her to help me find a dress in-store as it was out of stock online. After a few days and some luck, she was able to find it for me! :) Contact was excellent as always and emails were sent promptly, even with the difference in our time zones. The dress came safely within a few days (via EMS to the US) and was packaged securely. Every transaction went smoothly and I am very, very happy with my purchase! She will always be my #1 choice of SS! Thanks again! :)

  21. I had a perfect experience with TokyoPirates' shopping service, she was very helpful when I was interested in ordering from Closet Child, providing quick and detailed information about the dress and ordering process. She went to buy the dress the day after I paid her invoice and shipped it a few days after, it arrived safely, I'm am super happy with this experience !

  22. I had an excellent experience from TokyoPirates' SS I kept seeing dresses I wanted in Closet Child in Harajuku however they kept selling out of them. I tried another one and she even suggested that the others would be easier to get from as Harajuku is quiet popular. I found a dress I have eyeing for years and it arrived within days after she shipped it. Will use again

  23. I'm very much happy and satisfied with Jamie's service. She was helpful, prompt and reliable throughout. I bought a few Liz Lisa/Tralala items through her and they all arrived in perfect condition. I also wrote a review of Tokyo Pirates on one of my blogs:

    Absolutely trustworthy. :)

  24. For fear of driving Tokyo Pirates over capacity (silly, I know >.< ), I've put off posting an update to my old review for a long time now.
    In just a few weeks, I'll have used Jamie's service for a year. Over the course of dozens of fulfilled requests, I have come to respect Jamie a great deal. She is friendly, prompt and will do absolutely everything in her power to get whatever you might be looking for. She works harder than anyone I know, is communicative, helpful, careful when packing- and to be honest I couldn't recommend her more if I tried. You will not be disappointed.
    Now go away, I don't need you guys swamping her with any more requests! (#`Д´)

  25. I used Jamie's SS for an in-store/online release from Angelic Pretty - I really wanted to get a specific dress and asked for advice on which method would be safest. She told me all the pros and cons and prices, and when it came to the day she managed to snag it for me online (thus costing me less, which was really appreciated!) She kept me well up to date throughout the whole transaction, is quick to respond and was delightful to deal with. My parcel arrived very quickly and safely. I would definitely use her again!

  26. Tokyo Pirates is a great personal shopping service! It was my first time using a ss that involved direct communication, but Jamie made the process super easy! I'm really satisfied with my purchase~ Read my review here:

  27. I asked Jamie to get me some in-store items from Swimmer, she was very helpful and gave me opinions on the weight/shippability of several items. Items came well packaged and quickly. Very happy as usual!

  28. Jamie is awesome! ♥
    Her work is amazing, she was very patient and explained everything to me. She was the first ss I contacted and I couldn't be happier with my choice. The package arrived safely and everything was okay. I totally recommend her service! ♥

  29. Positive Review:
    I contacted Jamie to obtain a bag shown on a Closet Child blog. Even though it was between year-end holidays, Jamie fit me in! The fees were the cheapest, the communication was quick and amiable, and the shipping time was unbelievably quick (especially considering the timing!!) Tokyo Pirates is now on the top of my list of choices when it comes to shopping services in Japan!

  30. POSITIVE <3 Amazing work <3 Perfect order. Best Shopping Service I´ve ever used^^

  31. i am very satisfied and happy with the service she provided. She was very friendly and easy to talk with.. The shipping time was quick and smooth... i'll definitely recommend her for best shopping service... :)