Thursday, 19 November 2015

Shopping Service Announcement

Hello all!

Thank you all for your patience during the hiatus. I got back on the 14th and things have been up and running as normal since then.

Quick announcement that auctions have been reduced to 2,000 yen per auction. This is a flat fee regardless of the auction price, and I can also take orders for the fril and mercari apps.

Also, a quick reminder that I will be accepting lucky pack order from the 25th November 10am JST (lucky packs that have not already been released that is, e.g. Liz Lisa, Angelic Pretty, etc.). Any orders made before then, even a few seconds before cannot be accepted. I am also going to be able to attend the La Foret New Year’s sale after all, so I can try to get lucky packs for people then if they want them.

Have a day filled with awesome, people!

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