Monday, 4 November 2013

Donut Holiday Series (Melty Cream Doughnut) - Translation into English

As I'm sure many of you know one of the upcoming series releases is the Melty Cream Doughnut series (otherwise known as 'Doughnut Holiday'). It looks like it's going to be a popular one judging by the interest in it so far. Here's a rough translation of Angelic Pretty's advertisement.
Donut Holiday
From left to right:

1) Maiden empire waist full onepiece. The milk chocolate colour is irresistible! Melty Cream Doughnut Onepiece - 26,040 yen

2) Thanks to the babydoll type shape and a draw-string ribbon at the back, you can wear this dress without worrying about size. Melty Cream Doughnut Round Jumperskirt 24,990 yen

3) The pale mint colourway is cute <3 On the waist ribbon there are doll-size spoon and fork motifs. Melty Cream Doughnut Jumperskirt 24,990 yen

4) Without dispute, this skirt has plenty of volume! The demure cinnamon colourway can be worn with more elegant, adult coordinates too! Melty Creamy Doughnut Skirt 17,640 yen

5) The doughnut motif is the main feature on the accessories. It’s essential that they match! Melty Cream Doughnut Barette 2835 yen, Melty Cream Doughnut Over Knee Socks 2310 yen

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