Friday, 8 November 2013

Harajuku Secret Release?? Floral Print being readied for release...

Harajuku Secret Release??

Floral Print being readied for release in store!

I don’t know if this is already on the rumour mill and old news, but I was in Angelic Pretty Harajuku today, and they were readying a new print for release. I’m not sure if it’s a Harajuku exclusive, but I reckon you can expect a post on their blog soon.

The print is floral. I only got a small peek, but the ones I saw as far as I can recall were white or cream with green/pink flowers on them. It’s very spring-like and garden party-esque. There were JSKs and OPs. The OPs reminded me of the Marie Antoinette dress in style with 3-quarter length lacy sleeves. I’m afraid the JSKs were hidden from view mainly.

I tried to find some pictures of similar floral prints to give you a vague idea of what to expect-

Please bear in mind it’s going to be different, but at least you get some idea of the style. ^^ The staff were being very tight-lipped as they always are, but if they’re readying it in-store you can expect it to arrive soon. Just wanted to let you all know! Maybe you already do. ;)

If anyone has more information, I’d love to hear it. ^^

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